MSP’s and Compliance

by Oct 26, 2023Managed Services

MSP’s and Compliance

Businesses of all sizes and verticals face the ongoing challenge of staying up to date with compliance regulations. Not to mention… mishandling protected data has generated millions in fines and liability costs have become a growing concern.

IT departments must:

  1. Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected data
  2. Protect sensitive data from hazards and threats
  3. Protect sensitive data from unauthorized use and disclosure
  4. Ensure workforce compliance with the guidelines

Additionally, if your company manages electronic protected information files or content, you are required to have security protocols in place from the time the files are created until they are properly destroyed. This means that organizations that process protected information must have the following:

  1. Processes for identifying assets and vulnerabilities
  2. Appropriate safeguards to protect and control access to data
  3. Mechanisms in place to detect suspicious activity
  4. Processes and protocols in place for response to events
  5. Secure, reliable backup and disaster recovery plan
  6. The ability to completely destroy data when necessary
  7. Policies and procedures governing the access to and handling of data

Navigating compliance can be challenging to say the least. Your MSP should provide a structured framework for the security of protected data and assist you in implementing a comprehensive compliance strategy.

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