Cloud Softare

Cloud Software Trainer


Design and deliver professional training and training materials for Muni-Link customers.  Facilitate and coordinate with the Support Manager and Customer Support Analyst to develop schedules and pricing in order to grow a training profit center.

This role will maintain and grow customer satisfaction by delivering relevant, impactful training and by establishing high-quality standards.

  • Responsibilities:
    • Design and document training deliverables.
    • Deliver training sessions directly to Muni-Link customers.
    • Create monthly and quarterly training schedules.
    • Coordinate registration and student tracking for published courses
    • Offer all students the opportunity to complete a customer satisfaction survey after every course.
    • Remain current with ML software features by attending demos, sprint planning and release meetings.
    • Perform customer training for new customers as a backup for Implementers, only as needed.
    • Perform monthly update webinars as a back up for the Customer Support Analyst as needed.
    • Perform webinars for paid training sessions
    • Maintain all outlines, presentations and other diagrams used in the training sessions.
    • Provide feedback to the support team regarding customer issues or information gained during training sessions.
    • Coordinate with the support team to identify topics frequently addressed with customers to guide course content.
    • Assist in researching and implementing scheduling tools/apps to make it simple for customers.
    • Document training session attendance and submit necessary information to accounting for billing purposes.


  • Requirements and skills
    • Experience with software training or corporate-level training
    • Professional poise and presentation skills
    • Proficient with office automation and presentation software
    • A technical mindset with attention to detail
    • Ability to travel for up to one week for on-site trainings
    • Experience delivering high-quality “remote” training
    • Solid understanding of cloud principles
  • Excellent teamwork skills
  • Preferred:
    • Experience with cloud-based software
    • Experience with Atlassian tools (or similar tools)
  • Please send resume and cover letter to:
  • Norm Kievit, Staffing Specialist
  • Email:
  • Phone: 814-822-1203

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