Data Center Solutions

Link has specialized in data center planning and implementation for more than four decades. Our data center experts have designed solutions using hyperconverged solutions, virtualization solutions, server consolidation solutions and hybrid solutions utilizing multiple platforms or operating systems. Link’s versatility allows customers to explore all of the potential options and implement what works best for their specific needs.

There is no need to involve multiple vendors and add complexity to the solution when Link can implement and support a wide range of data center options. By representing the industry leading suppliers and solutions, Link is able to use high quality hardware and software products to ensure a lasting data center solution.
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Wireless Networks

Link recognizes that not all solutions have environments that allow for wired networks. In fact, most networks have wireless access, if not as the primary option but as the backup option. In many circumstances, wireless may be the only viable option. Link can help design, implement and test your wireless plan. If conventional wireless options are not feasible, Link can explore alternative technologies like cellular 5G access. Wireless network management has become a critical aspect of any wireless solution. Link can implement a solution that can be managed from a single dashboard allowing for less manpower and quick resolution of wireless network issues.

Voice and Video Solutions

Link offers voice solutions that can be implemented “on-premise” at the customer or in the “cloud”. Link’s “on-premise” solution is centered on Cisco’s voice technology. Cisco has developed and scaled their product to be the leading commercial voice solution. Moreover, Cisco’s technology can be implemented across the data network and configured to address video and collaboration needs. From the desktop to room solutions or even event conferencing, Link can design an effective Cisco solution.

Cloud voice solutions have recently become mainstream, and in most cases, the preferred voice solution. Cloud solutions are extremely flexible addressing remote locations, mobility and video calling. The cloud solutions also scale from a small business to the enterprise. It has never been easier to create access and options with voice and video. Learn more at Net Care Connect
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Network Security

Security considerations are factored into every solution Link designs. The security options are offered as levels of security as customers have different regulatory requirements and/or risk postures. Link is diligent to offer different approaches so the customer can assess what they need and what fits their budget. Beyond security integrated into our solutions, we offer a full-range of options for protecting servers, email and other systems along with disaster recovery tools and cloud-based backup options. Our engineers can also perform a comprehensive security audit of your network systems so you can identify and prioritize the issues to be remediated.

Business Solutions and more

The key to Link’s success for over 40 years is solving “Business Problems” using information technology. Every issue and solution are not as simple as buying a piece of hardware or installing a software application. Link understands problems may require any combination of consulting, hardware, software, services and support. We will listen and determine how we can help you.

Even a small issue like a printer or Microsoft licensing can be handled by our inside experts. Let them do the research and ensure you get the right solution! We have built our solutions on technology expertise, business knowledge and a network of industry partners so you can TRUST that you will get the desired result!
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