Software Trainer

Position Description

ML Software Trainer



  1. Schedule “Post Go Live Training” with new customers 60-90 days after their go-live date.
  2. Review the account history with the “Implementation Lead” and support staff to determine key aspects of the software that the client needs more training.
  3. Document and review a training plan in advance with each customer.
  4. Perform billable training assignments and create training plans for each assignment.
  5. Perform remedial training, as assigned, for customers that still lack confidence or capability after the standard project training.
  6. Backup project training needs if the “Implementation Lead” cannot perform a training task.
  7. Develop “Help Cards” and “Support Aids” for key functions of the software to give to customers.
  8. Develop training material that can be used for all training purposes – standard implementation training, billable training, post go-live training etc.
  9. Perform monthly “Product Sprint Release” webinar.
  10. Develop and present periodic web-based training for software functions experiencing higher support call levels.
  11. Develop advanced training topics or processes that increase productivity or lower costs and offer them as a billable session.
  12. Provide backup to the support team as needed or as assigned.


Personal Characteristics:

  1. Excellent speaker and presenter (good interpersonal skills)
  2. Quality and effective writer
  3. Good teacher (i.e. patient)
  4. Good aptitude for training delivery
  5. 100% commitment to a training career
  6. Strong business intelligence
  7. Quick learner
  8. Willing to travel as needed



Norm Kievit

Staffing Specialist

Link Computer Corporation
Phone: 814-822-1203