Vice President of Sales and Marketing


We are currently looking for a Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for our Muni-Link division. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career with unlimited growth opportunity, help us expand our cloud-based, utility billing software sales across the United States.  We already have more than 250 customers in more than fifteen states.


  1. Manage and direct the priorities and efforts of the Muni-Link sales team
  2. Establish and achieve aggressive sales goals.
  3. Direct and assist with staff recruiting and development.
  4. Help plan strategic growth.
  5. Identify new market opportunities.
  6. Establish industry partnerships to grow Muni-Link’s revenue and brand


  1. Responsible for achievement of all sales targets
    1. Sales quotas
    2. Business development reps (BDRs) demo bookings
  2. Establish and maintain sales territories
  3. Manage prospect lists and the assignment of BDRs to territories
  4. Administer the SalesForce sales tracking tool and review sales activity on a regular basis.
  5. Ensure the entire sales team properly uses and updates the SalesForce tool.
  6. Review sales pipelines and help the sales staff prioritize their time and prospects.
  7. Engage in key sales processes to win business and ensure the list price is NOT discounted unless there are no other options.
  8. Perform sales calls in the field on a monthly basis to meet customers and drive sales.
  9. Oversee the “Demo Schedule” – prioritizing large prospects or other strategic opportunities.
  10. Budget and plan approved marketing events or activities.
  11. Train new demo staff before assigning them to a live customer demonstration.
  12. Attend and evaluate demos on a regular basis.
  13. Prepare timely employee “Annual Reviews”.
  14. Address any training or re-training issues required by the staff.
  15. Direct the recruiting and hiring of qualified staff.
  16. Escalate significant problems and issues promptly to the COO.
  17. Improve operations whenever possible and motivate/coach staff for improvement.
  18. Suggest/introduce new technology tools or concepts to advance Muni-Link.


  1. Strong work ethic – working the hours necessary to meet objectives.
  2. Open door policy with staff – approachable and helpful.
  3. Willing to be “hands-on” if sales opportunities require it.
  4. Focused on activity management on a consistent basis.
  5. Results oriented.
  6. Strict confidentiality and discretion with personnel matters.


Personal Characteristics:


Strong communication skills


Team player

Strong –willed, willing to push/drive others

Positive attitude

Strategic thinker

Excellent multi-tasker