IT Consulting

With over 40 years in business, and hundreds of years of combined staff IT experience, our consultants leverage their certifications and skills for our clients across various networking, security, virtualization, storage, server and cloud environments. Our team will work with your business or technical staff to design networks, systems, and any other IT solutions that will support your mission-critical applications and technologies. We’ll also ensure that your entire IT infrastructure is aligned with your business’s goals to help you achieve long-term growth and success.

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Strategic Assessments

Sometimes taking a step back and reviewing if your current IT structure fits the needs and direction of your organization, is the only path to successful growth. An overall technology strategic assessment examines the past and current performance of an organization’s IT in terms of existing technology, people and policies. After comparing this with the organization’s aspirations, we can then recommend technologies, processes and policies to close the gap between promise and performance.

A Link Computer strategic IT assessment provides you with a deep dive into selected or comprehensive areas of your IT operations.

Our assessments provide clear, detailed quantitative and qualitative results in recommendations to better align your technology with your business goals. A strategic IT assessment also uncovers capabilities gaps, underinvestment or excess investment in IT that may need to be addressed. Link’s professionals look beyond the technology to the security, governance, organization and impact technology has on your business and operations
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Security Assessments & Consulting

Some people know it as a security assessment, or a security survey, or even a risk assessment. By whatever name you call it, it is a structured systematic assessment and analysis of your organizations current IT security posture, whether they are physical, technological, management, policies, and/or training…they fall into the scope of a Security Assessment. Many IT companies will try to sell you on a “security scan” as being all you need, and though a very valuable component of an overall assessment, the electronic security scan is only one piece of a comprehensive Security Assessment.

Link Computers security team can help you define your current security posture, prepare you for an upcoming business security audit, help you meet and exceed current Cyber Insurance requirements, and guide you through the myriad of security options, policies and best practices on the market today.
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Project Services

The pressure of managing the balancing act between running your own business, daily IT maintenance tasks and taking on strategic projects affects every business in a different way. For a small to medium business, it may simply be finding the time, or knowing where to start…or even simply understanding basic IT & security best practices. For larger organizations who already have an IT department, it may be a need for a “subject matter expert” to assist with a project or technology where your experience is limited.

For any business, regardless of size or industry, with the right process-focused IT partner, outsourcing part or all of your IT projects and planning will alleviate stress, dramatically reduce downtime, and free you to focus on core business priorities and profit generation.
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