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For Community Banks, Manufacturing, Small/Medium Sized Businesses across PA. Focus on your business with peace of mind, knowing your technology is safe and sound.

Infrastructure Solutions


IT Strategy and Management

From IT consulting and strategy to infrastructure and network management, coupled with rigorous compliance and auditing procedures, and expert hardware and software procurement, we offer a holistic approach to ensure businesses thrive in a dynamic digital environment.

IT Strategy and Management

Support Solutions

Support and Maintenance

With capabilities spanning remote monitoring and management (RMM), dedicated help desk and on-site support, robust backup and disaster recovery plans, and comprehensive mobile device management (MDM), we ensure consistent uptime, rapid issue resolution, and seamless device integration for businesses.

Support and Maintenance

Security Solutions

Security and Communication

Through our cybersecurity services, cloud services, and voice and communication services, we deliver comprehensive protection, scalable cloud solutions, and seamless communication, ensuring businesses stay connected and secure in a digitally-driven landscape.

Security and Communication


Cybersecurity and Managed IT Services
Industry Experience

Link Computer Corporations’ MSP and IT Consulting cater to diverse industries, offering tailored IT solutions ranging from healthcare systems to manufacturing logistics, underscoring their vital role in modern business operations.


Our educated service providers can adeptly tackle healthcare technology challenges, ensuring regulatory compliance, bolstering cybersecurity, and streamlining technology-driven patient care processes.

Financial Services

Our specialists in IT financial sectors can adeptly address digital challenges, reinforce security measures, harness data for more informed decision-making, and tailor solutions to meet the evolving demands of finances.


As an IT consultant we can evaluate the technology infrastructure of a government entity, identify deficiencies, and provide expert guidance on addressing IT needs to optimize operations.”


Our technology strategists can evaluate the digital tools within the hospitality sector, identify gaps, and propose innovative solutions to elevate guest satisfaction and optimize workflow efficiency.


Our technology specialists can assess the digital systems of the transportation sector, identify inefficiencies, and suggest solutions to enhance traveler safety, streamline operations, and boost service reliability


Our IT experts can examine the digital platforms within the education sector, spot gaps, and recommend measures to enhance learning experiences, streamline administrative processes, and foster collaborative environments.


Our IT architects can evaluate the digital systems of a non-profit organization, discern gaps, and propose solutions to amplify outreach, enhance donor engagement, and streamline operational tasks.

Energy and Utilities

Our IT analysts can assess the digital systems of energy and utility companies, identify inefficiencies, and suggest strategies to optimize performance, improve service delivery, and manage resources sustainably.


Our technology experts can review the digital frameworks in manufacturing, identify bottlenecks, and recommend strategies to boost production efficiency, ensure quality, and optimize supply chain processes.

Small Business

Our IT professionals can evaluate the technological needs of small businesses, pinpoint areas for improvement, and suggest strategies to boost productivity, improve customer engagement, and optimize operational efficiency.


A systems integrator can survey the technical intricacies of the engineering sector, pinpoint operational hurdles, and deliver tailored solutions to enhance project management, streamline design processes, and bolster collaborative innovation.


Our technology consultants can examine the digital tools employed by the legal sector, detect inefficiencies, and recommend solutions to streamline case management, enhance client communication, and ensure secure data storage.

40+ Years of
Experience In IT Consulting

When an organization makes a technology investment, it seeks a trusted partner that is unwaveringly committed to its success. With Link Computer Corporation’s team of experienced professionals, you can have complete confidence in our ability to deliver valuable technology solutions in a comprehensive manner.

We offer a diverse portfolio of design, implementation, training, and support services tailored to meet your specific requirements. Backed by a staff of nearly one hundred professionals, our unmatched experience and knowledge set us apart in the region. Since 1980, Link has been dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions while adapting to the rapidly changing industry.

For over 40 years, organizations throughout the region have relied on us to invest in people and resources, ensuring their unique technology and business needs are met. Regardless of your organization’s size, we truly value every customer. Our mission is to provide technology solutions while building long-term, trustworthy business relationships.

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Trusted by
Industry Professionals

Robert H. Swarmer III

Operations Manager - Franklin Township Municipal Sanitary Authority

There is no comparison between Link Computer and other IT companies! 

Before Link, I did allot of guessing and searching on Google for network answers.  The single biggest benefit to working with Link Computer is their dedicated Help Desk and the availability and knowledge of the specialists answering their phones.

The responsiveness of Link’s Help Desk is unmatched. Their experts are always ready to help.  Link is second-to-none.

If you are on the fence, just ask a Link customer about the quality work and services provided by their team.  There is no comparison between Link Computer and other IT companies!

Shawn Campbell

Bolger Brothers

Link Computer Corporation is the #1 choice for all your IT Support needs.

Link has a wide range of resources and IT specialists available to cover any need that arises with my organization.  I know that I can reach out to Link with any question and get answers I need.

Unlike other companies, Link is invested in the success of the local business community.

If you simply want someone to just “do a job”, there are others you can call.  If you want a company with the experience and knowledge on what “needs be done”, then Link Computer Corporation is the #1 choice for all your IT support needs.

John Cottrill

CPA Controller - Metzler Forest Products

The biggest benefit of choosing Link would be the responsiveness of the team

The biggest benefit of choosing Link would first be the responsiveness of the team. Mike, Aaron, and the HelpDesk folks have surpassed expectations on their timely assistance to run-of-the-mill issues, projects, and everything else we need.

Second, the Link team has been willing to educate our folks on how things work, why they believe something should be redone or set up in a particular way, and any other questions we have about our IT environment.

The team at Link has been 100% upfront and fair.  They’re willing to work with us on budgets for projects and being open and visible with the work that they do.

The Link team has been incredibly helpful – while the IT world moves to being remote, they’ve been willing and able to come on site to help resolve issues on the drop of a dime (including afterhours issues). We have yet to have a business disruption last more than a few minutes, and all other issues have been resolved well under their SLA.

Mike Brewer

Director of Information Technology - Superior Paving

Choose Link! You won’t be disappointed. 

The Link BDR solution has taken an absolute load off of my mind knowing that the backups are being monitored by the Link team of engineers.  In the past, I might have missed something when it was up to me to monitor, track, fix the backups as well as run the IT Department. We can always count on Link to reach out proactively when something fails and resolve any issue that might arise.

I like the personal touch that Link has compared to the other firms.  There is an actual relationship between Link and their clients while really understanding their needs.  Link (Dan G, especially) takes the time to learn about your business and doesn’t try to just make a sale.  They look for the solution that best fits your needs.

Choose Link! You won’t be disappointed.  It’s been over 15 years and I have never been disappointed with Link.


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