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When an organization makes a technology investment, it wants to be confident that their “trusted partner” will have an unwavering commitment to its success.

Link Computer Corporation’s experienced professionals instill confidence in its customers by delivering valuable technology solutions in a comprehensive manner. Link offers a complete portfolio of design, implementation, training and support services matched to the customer’s requirements. Link’s staff of nearly one hundred professionals has experience and knowledge unmatched in the region.

Link’s commitment to its customers since 1980 has been to deliver current technology solutions while evolving in a rapidly changing industry. For over 40 years, organizations throughout the region have relied on Link to invest in people and resources to meet their unique technology and business requirements. Large or small, we value every customer!

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver technology solutions while building a long-term, business relationship founded on trust.

Our History

Link Computer Corporation was founded in 1980 by Tim Link. Originally, the company provided custom programming services for IBM mid-range systems. As the company grew, we evolved into additional fields to service our customers better. With over 4 decades of experience, we continue to adapt, evolve and improve as a premier IT provider on a daily basis, never relinquishing our drive to be better. We continue to research, invest in, and develop our portfolio of products and services. Today more than ever, we cover a broad spectrum of technical services, from printer maintenance to the most advanced technologies, such as remote access and connectivity, network security, wireless, IP telephony, and our latest managed services offerings, NetCare and Web Advantage Plan.

We have streamlined the art of procuring quality hardware and infrastructure for our customers, driving customer service up, while at the same time driving customer costs down. We continue to offer a full complement of software solutions, from simple accounting to full-blown manufacturing and distribution systems. Additionally, our software development engineers provide mainstream development services for Internet, client server / database, and legacy applications, from minor projects to enterprise-wide systems.

Simply put, our mission is customer loyalty and employee fulfillment. We feel you cannot have one without the other. We know that customer loyalty is a result of a “Customer-Centric” culture that is fanatical about quality customer service and satisfaction. Even after pleasing customers for three decades, we cannot stop striving for the ultimate business objective – enduring customer loyalty.

We also cannot stop striving for the highest level of employee satisfaction achievable. We have learned that employee fulfillment results from genuine respect and “High Engagement” of all personnel in the management and execution of our business. We feel very fortunate to have gathered such a wonderfully talented and professional staff to serve our customers in the very best manner.

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Business IT Management

Innovative IT Solutions

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, our solutions prioritize scalability, user experience, and seamless integration, ensuring businesses stay ahead in the rapidly-evolving digital landscape.

  • Managed Services 80% 80%
  • IT Solutions 70% 70%
  • Project Services 60% 60%
  • VOIP 90% 90%

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Link Computer Corporation

At Link Computer Corporation, we combine decades of technical expertise with a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, delivering IT solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations, propelling businesses towards future-ready success.

Enterprise IT Solutions

Integrating advanced technologies with industry best practices, our enterprise IT solutions drive efficiency, innovation, and competitive growth.

Cloud Integration and Migration

Harnessing premier cloud platforms, we simplify migration, ensuring businesses benefit from scalability, enhanced security, and efficient IT operations.

40+ Years Experience

With over 40 years of expertise, we’ve seamlessly blended advanced technologies, rigorous security measures, and strategic consultation to drive operational efficiency, safeguard assets, and position businesses at the forefront of digital evolution.

  • Technological Mastery
  • Security Excellence
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Strategic Evolution

Cybersecurity and Compliance

Implementing robust security protocols and regulatory standards, our team safeguards business assets, ensuring data integrity and building customer trust.

Digital Consultancy

Drawing on profound industry expertise, our consultants facilitate digital transitions, optimizing operations and leveraging the latest technological trends.

Questions and Answers

General FAQs
IT Management

Peruse our FAQ section on IT management, where we’ve curated answers to commonly posed questions, shedding light on our methodologies, practices, and the intricate realm of technology. This is part of our endeavor to provide clarity and bridge the knowledge gap, ensuring you make informed decisions on your IT journey.

What are Managed Services?

Managed services refer to the proactive management of an IT (Information Technology) asset or object, typically by a third-party contractor, on behalf of a customer. Instead of responding to IT issues as they arise, a managed services provider offers ongoing monitoring, management, and support to ensure the IT infrastructure remains robust and efficient. This approach reduces the likelihood of unexpected problems, helps control IT costs, and allows businesses to focus on their core operations while trusting that their IT environment is in expert hands.

What are IT Solutions?

IT Solutions encompass a wide range of services, tools, and strategies designed to address business challenges through the use of technology. They can vary from software applications that streamline operations, to hardware configurations that enhance data storage, or even strategic consulting to optimize a company’s technological infrastructure. In essence, IT Solutions provide businesses with tailored approaches to leverage technology effectively, ensuring operational efficiency, enhanced productivity, and the ability to adapt in a constantly evolving digital landscape.

What are Project Services?

Project Services refer to a suite of offerings aimed at ensuring the successful planning, execution, and completion of specific IT projects. These services can encompass everything from initial consultation, project management, and design to implementation, testing, and post-launch support. Whether it’s deploying a new software solution, upgrading existing infrastructure, or integrating new technologies, Project Services provide businesses with the expertise and resources needed to achieve their goals on time and within budget, ensuring the desired outcomes are realized.

What is VoIP?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that enables voice communications and multimedia sessions to be delivered over the Internet, rather than through traditional telephone networks. It converts voice signals into digital data packets, which are then transmitted over the web and reconverted into sound at the receiving end. This technology allows for cost-effective, flexible, and feature-rich telecommunication experiences, making it possible for businesses and individuals to make phone calls, host video conferences, and send multimedia messages using an Internet connection.

Team Members

Our Leadership Team

Tim Link - President

Jack Collins - COO

Tim Morder - Senior Vice President

Dave Cardoza - VP Network Engineering Services